Guesthouse Rooms And Facilities

All guesthouse rooms have:

Air conditioner, TVs,
Bed and furniture.
Friendly atmosphere, all rooms are clean and pleasant.
We provide you with bed/pillows/sheets, etc...
Wireless internet access is available for free in all the rooms.

Lounge Room:

Lounge room is equipped with TV, Audio, Newspaper, Magazines, etc.
In-house coin laundry machine for washing clothes and ironing.
Free use of a communal computer with an ADSL connection.

Rooms are available for long-term residents on monthly basis or on a weekly basis for those just traveling:

Guesthouse Room Rates
Room Type 3 months Monthly Weekly
Single Room  A (1 person) 54,000x3 57,000 15,000
Single Room  B (1 person) 69,000x3 72,000 19,000
Double Room A (2 people) 75,000x3 78,000 20,500
Triple Room      (3 people) 96,000x3 99,000 27,000

There's is no key money. But deposit (refundable) of 20,000 yen is necessary.
Triple Room      : with private toilet and small kitchen
Double Room B : with private toilet and small kitchen

(see Room Type )

Double Room 1
Single Room

Double Room 2
Double Room

Double Room